My Oasis

Fairies in the flower beds,
Pixies in the trees,
Goblins share a home with elves,
In a pile of leaves;
They make my garden special,
They talk and play all day,
But when someone comes along,
They run and hide away:

Dragons in the living room,
Warlocks in the hall,
Witches making special brews,
Protecting all my walls;
We all live together,
In perfect harmony, 
I’m glad no one can enter,
my world of fantasy:

You may think that I’m quite mad,
Perhaps I am insane,
But there’s a very different world,
Beyond my window payne;
A world where no one gives a damn,
A world that doesn’t care,
A world that kills for killings sake,
To get to who knows where:

A world that has no pity,
A cold world that is lost,
A world of hateful vengeance,
And hang the human cost;
A world that has no empathy,
With any living thing,
A world that fights the battle,
Where no one really wins:

So I’m quite happy in my world,
My world of make believe,
My oasis in the chaos,
No one can take from me;
And if that makes me different,
From the accepted social norm,
Then walk on by and let me live,
In my world that’s calm and warm.

Alan Faraway


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