Shall We Dance?

    Shall We Dance?
Together we’ve had a wonderful day,
We’ve done so many things,
Now the sun begins to settle,
And the birds of the evening sing,
I really don’t want this day to end,
Now as the moon begins to rise,
Let me say what I am thinking,
Let me say what’s on my mind.
I’d really like to dance with you,
To the rhythm of the night,
To the sound of falling moonbeams,
And flickering candle light,
I’d like to hold you oh so close,
Feel your breath upon my cheek,
In a dance that leaves us breathless,
So warm and tired and weak.
Would you like to dance with me,
As the starlight softly shines,
Moving gently to the tune,
As our hearts beat out the time,
And as the rhythm strengthens,
We’ll move to a different beat,
Until at last with contented smiles,
We may fall into blissful sleep.
So shall we dance the night away,
Together me and you,
We’ll hold each other tenderly,
As we glide into the groove,
And when the dance is over,
We’ll watch the moonbeams fade,
A perfect end to a perfect night,
And we’ll rise to a brand new day.
©️Alan Faraway April 2019

One Day

     One Day
One day I won’t know who you are,
When you come to visit me,
For you’ll just be a fragment,
In my fading memory,
I know it will be hard my love,
But the nurses will explain,
The reason I’ll forget you,
Is the condition in my brain.
I’ll forget something that I’d just done,
But recall those years gone by,
And sing along to those old songs,
With a twinkle in my eye,
And I hope that you’ll remember,
The way I used to be,
And not the shadow I’ll become,
When you come to visit me.
One day I won’t know who you are,
I’ll get frightened and confused,
For my world will be a scary place,
And there’s nothing you can do,
So don’t get angry or annoyed,
The doctors will do their very best,
But I’ll slowly slip from reality,
Until at last I lay at rest.
I won’t remember where I’ve just been,
Where I’m going or just come from,
You’ll see my personality change,
And you’ll wonder what you’ve done wrong,
But just be gentle with me,
And don’t take it to heart,
Remember that it’s not my fault,
It’s my brain that’s falling apart.
One day I won’t know who you are,
So for that you must prepare,
I’m telling you this so that you know,
I’m telling you because I care,
And when that day at last comes round,
When these things I’ve said come true,
Always remember that deep inside,
I really do love you.
©️Alan Faraway March 2019

Something to think about

Twelve Years
The Earth is slowly dying,
And it’s calling out to you,
The seas are full of plastic,
The ice caps are melting to,
The wildlife is vanishing,
Their habitats built upon,
The forests are disappearing,
As man uncaringly marches on.
We are the guardians of this world,
But we are greedy kings,
We’re not content with what we have,
For we want everything,
So we’ll cut down all the forests,
Rape this Earth for all it has,
We’ll take away its very soul,
And leave it cold and sad.
We’ll build our concrete jungles,
Kill wildlife to make the space,
For we’re the masters of this world,
The mighty human race,
We’ll hunt animals to extinction,
With guns, nets and harpoons,
All because they’re in our way,
And we need much more room.
We are arrogantly shortsighted,
We need wildlife to survive,
Because in killing these wonderful creatures,
We’re creating our own demise,
Trees take away the poisons,
That we put in the air,
And animals are part of the food chain,
But we just don’t seem to care.
So we ignore the fact the seas are rising,
Every single day,
And we don’t care about pollution,
As we go about our way,
But can we really close our eyes,
And bury our heads in the sand,
For the belief that we’re invincible,
Is the arrogance of man,
Scientists have told us,
We can still turn things around,
But the governments won’t listen,
To the distant bell that sounds,
But that bell will soon ring louder,
And we shall live in fear,
For this world will be in rapid decline,
In just a short twelve years.
We’ve just twelve years to make a change,
Which is not too long at all,
Just twelve years before we see,
The reign of humans fall,
Just twelve years before this Eden,
Becomes a living hell,
And it’s up to every one of us,
To make the changes NOW!
©️Alan Faraway Nov 2018

New Book on Amazon

The Story Teller is my sixth book of poems and follows on from the very successful book ‘Reflections’. I try to write about everyday events in a way that I hope people can relate to. Some of the poems I write I attempt to embellish with a touch of humour. Some are perhaps thought provoking, some are pure fantasy and some about what might happen in the future. I am passionate about the environment, animal welfare and man’s impact on the natural world and this is reflected in some of the offerings within this book. I also believe that the imagination of a child is fantastic and, therefore, should be encouraged. After all, they are the story tellers of the future. I have therefore, (with the permission of her parents), included a poem sent to me from an eight year old girl. As an ex soldier, I know first hand what humans do to each other and the thoughts that haunt soldiers the world over. I have therefore included some ‘’military’ verses. This book is packed with easy to read poems, all in verse. Can you relate to some of them? More than likely yes is the answer. Those of you that have previously read my work will know what to expect, but I might surprise you. Those who haven’t, I hope you will be pleasantly surprised. I hope you, the reader, can enjoy the contents of this latest offering.

Go to Amazon Books, Alan Faraway to see all my titles.

For the Vegans

Not A Tree Hugger

No we are not tree huggers,
Or hippies with tambourines,
Nor do we live in a commune,
And have sunflower seeds for tea,
We won’t contribute to the cruelty,
The industry hides so well,
For behind the walls of a slaughterhouse,
Are scenes straight out of hell.

Cattle, sheep, pigs and lambs,
An infant calf for veal,
Screams of fear and blood soaked floors,
So you can have a meal,
The milk you’re drinking from the cow,
Is so very full of fat,
But you won’t give that a seconds thought,
‘Till you have a heart attack!

No we are not tree huggers,
Just ordinary folk,
Who choose to live a cruel free life,
Would you say that that’s a joke?
We know that there’s an alternative,
To steak and chicken wings,
And an animal like you and me,
Are living, breathing things.

No we are not tree huggers,
And you may laugh and you may scoff,
You may think that we are weirdo’s,
Because meat for us is off,
But in the final analysis,
When all is said and done,
We are human just like you,
And enjoy a life of fun.

No we are not tree huggers,
And we eat healthily, thank you,
We get the goodness that we need,
Without meat or dairy too,
Nothing has to die for us,
It really is a shame,
That if you opened up your eyes,
Perhaps you’d be the same.

If you had to kill an animal,
Skin it and cut it up,
Would you really be able to do it?
Would you really have the guts?
No, is probably your reply,
Let someone else carry out the deed,
And you won’t have to hear the cries,
Or watch the suffering as it bleeds.

No, we are not tree huggers,
We don’t shop in the aisles of death,
We won’t eat the fat from the fast food stand,
Or wear clothes made from the dead,
We don’t use the fancy makeup,
The industry glamourise,
We see no reason to test these things,
In some poor rabbits eyes.

No we are not tree huggers,
Just compassionate human souls,
An end to pain and suffering,
Is ultimately our goal,
We want to save this planet,
For generations yet to come,
So the youngsters of the future,
Can enjoy a safer sun.

No we are not tree huggers,
We just don’t think it’s right,
That living things must die for us,
So we can feast each night,
We think that every animal,
That shares this world with us,
Has the right to live its life,
Without fear of the human touch.

No we are not tree huggers,
We’re not weird and we’re not mad,
But the slaughter of defenceless beings,
For profit makes us sad,
If the animals could talk we ask,
Would you still put up a case,
To see the flesh of a sentient being,
Served upon your plate?


©️Alan Faraway Aug 2018

Some time in the near future?

The Final Question

Will the seas become devoid of life,
And will the brotherhood of man,
Sit upon the darkened shores,
Of a lifeless desert land,
Will he look upon the blackened seas,
And cry one final tear,
For all the progress he has made,
Has only brought him here.

Will he try to change his attitude,
In an effort to atone,
Will he look toward the heavens,
To find he’s all alone,
Then will he look upon the Earth,
To see a scorched landscape,
And I wonder if he’ll realise,
That change has come too late.

And will the grass beneath his feet,
Turn to dust as he picks his way,
Through the derelict houses and rubbled streets,
Where children used to play,
The advances that he thought he’d made,
Now shadows in his mind,
For his greed has only led him ever closer to the grave.

Will he look upon the barren streams,
And remember when life was good,
Look out upon the dusty plains,
Where forests once proudly stood,
Will he seek in vain the animals,
That used to roam the land,
To find that they are all extinct,
Wiped out by the greed of man.

Then will he sit on a hill of sighs,
Like a king upon his throne,
The master of his own demise,
And survey all that he owns,
Will his children then look up at him,
And will he see their moistened eyes,
Will he sit in silence as they ask,
The final question…….Why?


Alan Faraway

To Mark the Royal wedding

The Girl from across the pond
She was born and raised in Los Angeles,
California in the U.S.A
Like all little girls, perhaps she dreamt,
Of marrying a prince one day,
But the Americans don’t have a monarchy,
Unlike Britain where it is strong,
And one day this girl from the sunshine state,
Will stretch her hand across the pond.
He was born into British royalty,
And his father will wear the crown,
His older brother will wear it too,
When his turn comes around,
The young prince will be by his brother’s side,
As he has his whole life long,
But no one knew that on his arm,
Would be the girl from across the pond.
An unforeseen, unlikely alliance,
But love has no boundaries,
A British prince, an American actress,
Different cultures that share a dream,
The dream of a lifelong partnership,
Of love that will grow so strong,
A blind date that will put this British prince,
With the girl from across the pond.
The wedding day soon came around,
And the public were invited to see,
As the British and the Americans,
Joined in the pomp and pageantry,
I’m sure if his mother was looking down,
She’d be smiling full of pride,
To see her son with the one he loves,
Her young man with his beautiful bride.
The ceremony may be over,
But for them their lives now start,
The paparazzi recording their every move,
To feed a public’s hungry heart,
We wish them luck and happiness,
And we hope their lives are long,
A fairy tale that has come true,
For the girl from across the pond.
Alan Faraway May 2018

For My Father

Something someone said to me inspired this latest offering.

For My Father

These words are for my father,
With thanks for the times we had,
The things that he passed onto me,
And his comfort when I was sad,
The evenings we spent watching sunsets,
As we questioned the world, him and me,
When we sat and talked for hours,
And rarely we disagreed.

I was only a child then,
I asked what a child might ask,
And he answered in words that I understood,
It was a pleasure for him, not a task,
And we’d sit in the long summer evenings,
To watch the sun slip away from the sky,
And I’d go to bed quite contented,
Knowing he’d always be at my side.

Then as the years slipped past us,
I spent hours on my own,
Not wanting the help of my father,
Believing that I was full grown,
I’d watch him through my window,
As he gazed at the setting sun,
And I’d get ready to hit the town,
I was young and craving fun.

So no longer did I sit with him,
And question the world we saw,
I stayed out late almost every night,
Sometimes not returning till dawn,
I didn’t sit with him to watch sunsets,
For I had my own life to lead,
And our conversations seemed pointless,
Because we rarely did agree.

But he was always there to offer advice,
Whenever things went wrong,
His words were kind and gentle,
His loving arms felt strong,
He never seemed to judge me,
Though I’m sure I drove him mad,
And when I finally flew the nest,
He smiled though I knew he was sad.

The sand in the hour glass kept falling,
And so, a few decades on,
I sat again with my father,
And watched the dying sun,
As it slipped beyond the horizon,
We’d talk of things endlessly,
And we questioned the world together,
And seldom we disagreed.

But the world keeps on revolving,
And time, on life, takes its toll,
People pass on to another world,
Whether they’re young or very old,
Now I sit alone in my garden,
And think of the times gone by,
With my father, in spirit, beside me,
I watch as the sun leaves the sky.

Alan Faraway April 2018

A chilling thought of what might be


Legacy Of Mankind

They were born beneath a blazing sun,
They were born so wild and free,
They grew so very big and strong,
With tusks of Ivory,
Then man the destroyer came along,
He came and killed them all,
Now all that’s left of these wonderful beasts,
Are ivory trinkets upon mans wall.

They were born into the jungle,
In the rivers and the trees,
But man the destroyer came for them,
And hunted them mercilessly,
Now all that’s left of these animals,
Are handbags, hats and belts,
To fuel a fashion industry,
Where compassion is never felt.

They were born upon the frozen wastes,
Surrounded by arctic seas,
There was no place for them to hide,
No undergrowth or trees,
The destroyer came to kill them,
With batons and sharp knives,
Now all that’s left of the white seal pups,
Are fur coats for the rich men’s wives.

The wild animals that used to roam,
The jungles and arctic wastes,
The mighty plains of Africa,
The rivers and the lakes,
All gone now, destroyed my man,
Now they only survive in dreams,
And in repeats of nature programs,
And old wildlife magazines.

Hunted to extinction,
Alas they are no more,
And our children may ask the question,
What the hell did we do that for,
Were we so blind as not to see,
What we would leave behind?
A world devoid of beauty,
The legacy of mankind.


I believe it is the responsibility of ALL humans upon this planet, to protect and preserve every animal for the sake of future generations.

Alan Faraway 2018